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Hiring a Landscaper for Your Rental Property

Key Takeaways

  • A landscaper plans the design of your exterior space and gives it the makeover it needs to enhance your property’s curb appeal. Like interior design, a landscaper works with the exterior design, adding attractive touches to your lawn, whether you’re looking for more shade, shrubs, or a clean and manicured yard. In contrast, a lawn service will help maintain your yard regularly with mowing and edging services.
  • Interviewing various contractors is essential. Read reviews online, get references, and look at their portfolio to see if their vision is compatible with yours.
  • A detailed and complete quote will help you decide whether the project is within your budget and timeline and if you are satisfied with the design.

Published on Dec 3, 2023 | Updated on Dec 5, 2023

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Hiring a landscape contractor means you’ll get professional consultation, design, and installation services, including hardscape building. Learn how landscaping differs from lawn maintenance and how a stunning exterior can attract quality tenants.

Why hiring a landscape contractor can help attract good tenants

The home and landscape are interconnected. A beautifully designed outdoor space will elevate the curb appeal of your investment property and appeal to quality tenants. Hiring a landscape professional to spruce up your home’s exterior can transform the look of your home and guarantee a good first impression for anyone visiting.

Many first-time landlords looking to charge higher rents search for ways to improve their homes with a budget-friendly design. When your home’s exterior lacks landscape design, it risks not being as memorable. Landlords can add value to their home or apartment building by enlisting the help of professional contractors for an affordable design. 

A landscape architect can design sustainably

Speak to a reputable landscaper with experience in offering sustainable solutions to your outdoor space. They will consult you on choosing native plants. If you live in a Mediterranean climate, such as southern California, opt for drought-tolerant plants. A water-smart landscape can include bougainvillea and succulents. This will save expenses on your water bill and make your lawn more environmentally conscious. If your rental property is in Canada, you’ll want to source native plants local to your area for your next landscaping project and learn sustainable practices with ecological design.

If you live in humid subtropical regions, you can design with palms, bromeliads, and ferns. While these plants may do well in Florida, they wouldn’t survive under the unforgiving dry heat in southern California. 

Choosing a budget-friendly landscape project

A landscaping job can be expensive. Looking for low-maintenance plants and practical design plans when you’re on a budget is essential. With a low-maintenance yard, you can avoid hiring routine lawn maintenance. Lawn care companies can add additional monthly costs to your fixed expenses.

There is a distinction between professional landscapers and lawn maintenance providers. A landscaper plans and completes the architectural design of your outdoor space, while lawn care providers keeps up with mowing, hedging, and other maintenance tasks. Lawn care workers will also clean gutters for seasonal maintenance. 

Look for opportunities to recycle landscaping materials to save costs. Search online for free reclaimed brick, and stop at your local hardware store for discarded crates to use in your garden. There are many cost-efficient ways to refresh your garden by repurposing old furniture, brick, or wood and getting a little resourceful.

Many regions offer free mulch, which is ideal for conserving water. Consult a professional or search online for an easy-to-maintain landscaping plan to shave off costs.

How to review quotes from different landscape designers

The time has come for you to vet different contractors. After they assess your home, they should provide a landscape quote. Here are a few key things to look for:

Costs must be broken out individually: The quote should look like an itemized receipt. Everything on your quote should clearly outline the labor, material cost, and estimated timeline. You should receive one detailed quote.

The costs listed are not defined: This may not always be a red flag that a company has shady intentions. However, you should always ask the contractor to list the costs and labor and ask specific questions to help you make an informed decision while shopping around for contractors.

Pay attention to the square footage: Does the square footage listed in the estimate match your property records? Does the contractor plan to work on all or just a portion of the outdoor area?

Here is an example of a quote that includes all of the relevant information and another quote that lacks details in how the costs are broken down:

FAQ: Hiring a landscaper for your rental

A landscape architect will conduct a site analysis and inventory of your outdoor space. They create the landscape design. 

Speak to a company or contractor who offers free consultations. Ask them if they are experienced in the services you need and if they can complete the project within your timeframe and budget. 

You can read online reviews and look at their landscaping portfolio to get an idea of their process and see their work. If the landscaping service has any negative reviews, this is a red flag. 

It’s important to vet all the landscaping professionals you speak to. Ensure they have a wide range of experience in exterior design and installation and are knowledgeable about native plants. If you live in the U.S., look up the potential contractor’s license

Here are questions you can ask: 

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Are you fully insured? 
  • Will you obtain all permits for the project?
  • Do you provide a drawing of your plans ahead of time for approval?
  • Will you offer care instructions?
  • Do you offer a variety of services for residential properties? 
  • Will you provide a detailed quote? 

Can your company design for flood risks?

Our final thoughts

Revamping your home and exterior space will help attract renters who can pay higher rents. A tenant screening service like SingleKey’s will help you confirm a prospective renter’s identity, verify their income sources, and provide a detailed report on their credit history.

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