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Finding a Pool Service for Your Investment Property

Key Takeaways

  • When you own a rental property with a pool, you understand the regular maintenance needed, from checking the chlorine levels, removing debris, backwashing the filters, and wiping the walls. If pool duties are abandoned, an unkempt pool can pose pricier repairs and health hazards to tenants.
  • If a pool is neglected, it can develop algae growth and other harmful bacteria. When long-term tenants fail to clean the pool, the landlord will often need to do more labor-intensive repairs, like draining the pool, scrubbing algae and debris, and replacing filters and pumps.
  • Hiring a pool person will guarantee your swimming pool is in immaculate condition. At the same time, your tenant will enjoy the rental property, boosting their satisfaction with the amenities and services provided.

Published on Jan 15, 2024 | Updated on Jan 15, 2024

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Keeping a pool clean, sanitary, and safe to swim in is a never-ending, time-consuming chore for a pool owner. When a pool is neglected, repairs add up. The best solution for landlords is to hire a pool professional to guarantee your private backyard oasis is cared for properly. We’ve created a guide for property owners searching for a reliable pool company.

Swimming pool addendum

Having a pool addendum in a lease agreement will establish guidelines and help manage the expectations of your tenants. Here are some rules you may outline in an addendum to avoid liability and clarify responsibilities. 

  • Use at your own risk: Avoid liability issues if there is an accident or the pool is not correctly shocked. 
  • Child supervision: Always supervise small children inside the pool or in the proximity of the pool. 
  • Pool maintenance responsibility: Clearly state if the tenant is responsible for maintaining the pool and what those responsibilities are. 
  • Damages to the pool: If there are any damages, the tenant may be obligated to cover costs or have the funds deducted from their security deposit. 

Swimming pool service offerings

Many pool owners use pool services because it takes a lot of work to maintain or restore it to good condition, especially if the previous tenant neglected maintenance. 

The following services are typically included for keeping the pool water clean: 
  • Testing and adjusting chemical and pH levels
  • Checking water levels
  • Pool shocking (adding chlorine or the appropriate chemicals to the pool)
  • Cleaning the pool’s bottom and walls
  • Adding algae removal products, if applicable
  • Cleaning the pool filter

A professional pool cleaner will have all the pool equipment needed to do the job.

Pool filter, drain, and pump repairs

Most pool owners must replace a pool filter every few years. A pump motor replacement is due every 10 to 15 years, depending on its condition. Your pool pump is a significant energy user in your home. When it’s time for a replacement, consider using a smaller, more efficient pool pump to save energy and cut costs on your electric bill. 

Replace your pool filter when it starts leaking or degrading over the years. To minimize the loss of swimming pool water, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests a DIY leak test or hiring a professional. It’s okay to ask the tenant to manually add water to the pool if the water levels are low. 

Estimates for regular pool maintenance

Many contributing factors affect the cost of pool services. First and foremost, there is the pool’s size, shape, and type. For instance, is it an in-ground, infinity, or above-ground pool? What shocking chemicals and methods are required? The amount of sunlight, extreme weather, travel time, and frequency you need maintenance can hike up the costs. 

Ask the pool person about their experience with your specific type of pool, how they would handle leaks, and if they can provide a written estimate for weekly or monthly visits. The average annual costs for standard pool maintenance tasks can range from $960 to $1,800 annually.

The pool service should provide the following in a quote:

  • Maintenance services offered (skimming, vacuuming, chemical balancing, inspection)
  • Frequency of services (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, annually)
  • Labor costs
  • Materials and costs 
  • Duration of the maintenance contract

Most pool maintenance professionals should be licensed and insured. While an official training certificate is not required, most pool technicians should have sufficient on-the-job training.

Here is an example of an estimate with sufficient details:

Descriptive pool cleaning estimate

Here is an example of an estimate lacking information: pool cleaning estimate lacking details

FAQ: Finding a pool service for your investment property

A pool should be tested weekly, if not each time you use it, to ensure it is safe to swim in. Untreated pool water can cause infection and disease.

While many pool owners keep their pools uncovered, the EPA suggests that pool covers effectively minimize pool water and energy loss. If you plan to save on maintenance costs during winter, a pool cover will help keep out unsightly debris and a pile-up of leaves.

Pool professionals come in handy if you want to ensure the pool water is always safe, are renting to tenants, or want to lighten your load of preventative maintenance around the rental property.

Many pool professionals are affordable. Shop around for costs to get the most experienced and trustworthy company.

Our final thoughts

A sparkling, clean pool on a well-maintained property will entice many prospective tenants to choose your rental property as their home. To protect the value of your investment property and keep your tenants happy and safe, hire a professional pool service that will maintain your pool, keeping it in pristine condition. 

Many seasonal preventative maintenance tasks can crop up when fall and winter are near, which is why landlords hire experienced professionals. Whether you are new to the property management business or want to polish up on handling property maintenance, read SingleKey’s guide on managing property maintenance issues. You can also refer to our cheat sheet on preventative maintenance for a quick checklist.

Learn more about Maintenance

Learn more about Maintenance

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