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Hiring a Repair Person for Your Driveway and Sidewalk Needs

Key Takeaways

  • Whether your driveway has cracks, or you're considering a new driveway installation for your rental property, hiring trustworthy, professional concrete contractors will ensure that you minimize costs and gain a smooth driveway that boosts your curb appeal.
  • A concrete sidewalk or driveway is the most in-demand choice due to its durability, costs, and low-maintenance factors. A property owner can expect to pay between $8-$12 per square foot with concrete costs.
  • Examining quotes and reviewing the concrete company's portfolio will help landlords see the big picture. Access to a descriptive estimate will help landlords shop around for the best price.

Published on Dec 19, 2023 | Updated on Dec 19, 2023

A person brushing concrete mix over a driveway

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A concrete foundation and driveway can slope, crack, or fracture due to changing weather conditions, stress under excessive weight, or encroaching tree roots. Property owners can increase the value of their homes by making repairs and appealing to quality tenants with an attractive and fresh-looking yard and driveway.

Improving your rental property with a concrete contractor

Hiring a concrete contractor to install a new driveway or repair a damaged one will save you time and ensure your driveway looks impeccable. Apart from enhancing your curb appeal, a refreshed driveway can raise your home’s value.

Driveway styles

There are various options for choosing the type of material for driveway installation. Depending on your chosen material, it can affect the cost, longevity, appearance, and maintenance of a new or complete driveway replacement.


A gravel driveway will add a timeless elegance to the front yard, especially if you plan on creating a horseshoe design. While gravel may seem like a fast and easy solution, routine maintenance is needed, and it will usually last for two to three years before needing replenishment. Some driveway issues that can arise with gravel are an uneven path, water pooling, or potholes. Regularly raking your gravel and ensuring the ground is properly graded before adding it is ideal to extend the lifespan and keep it well-maintained.


Asphalt driveway is an attractive choice if you have space for a long driveway, want something more unique and less expensive, and don’t mind resealing it every few years.


Pavers are a sophisticated choice with a higher price tag, but they are well worth the cost. They are long-lasting and will upgrade the look of your exterior. A paver blends stone concrete, clay brick, and sometimes porcelain.


Bricks are costly but are the optimal choice due to their reputation for longevity. With a brick driveway, you can do custom contemporary designs that embody a timeless aesthetic with little upkeep.


There is a reason why concrete is so popular, and that is because it is durable and relatively low maintenance. Concrete is less expensive than bricks and pavers, yet will last a lifetime.

Common concrete driveway repairs

Concrete driveway contractors can take several days to complete installation. A concrete driveway resurfacing project will vary between a few hours and days. Resurfacing will restore the look and integrity of your asphalt.

Typically, concrete will develop large cracks caused by a freeze-thaw cycle in weather conditions. When rainwater or snowmelt seeps into small cracks in the concrete, followed by the temperature dropping below 32°F, the water will freeze and begin expand the concrete, prompting it to crack. Snow removal is essential.  

Other destructive environmental factors to the concrete are tree root growth from your yard or neighbors. Big pervading roots can cause the concrete to crack significantly, fracture, and lift. While oil stains might be unsightly, they won’t necessarily cause the concrete to deteriorate.

To remove oil stains, you can use a degreasing dish detergent and scrub stains away with a rigid broom, according to Bob Vila. If you live a few hours away from your rental property, hiring a driveway company or contractor to visit the property and conduct maintenance and cleanup is an optimum solution.

Getting quotes from a driveway contractor

When interviewing a driveway company or contractor, two of the most important things you should do are to review their portfolio and ask for written estimates. Whether you intend to do a repair or a new installation, a good quote will answer all your questions and help you make an educated decision. 

Look for the following items when reviewing a quote after the contractor conducts an on-site inspection: 

  • The size of the entire driveway and sidewalk 
  • Type and extent of damage
  • Work and cost involved, including sealing, leveling, and patching repairs
  • City permits, if applicable
  • Labor costs
  • Additional services, such as removing roots or plants that are the source of the damage
  • Materials costs 
  • Expected start and completion date

Most driveway and sidewalk repair project quotes are based on the square footage and materials needed. Beyond the size and material costs, labor costs are added on. 

If the driveway company provides you with a warranty claim, look to see how long they have been in business. The warranty will be meaningless if a company has been in business for only a couple of years and goes out of business.

Here are some factors that could influence the price:

  • Material removal, including large roots and plants
  • Driveways built on steeper slopes
  • Severity of the repairs needed

Here are examples of a good quote and another quote that’s lacking sufficient information.

FAQ: Hiring a driveway contractor for your rental property

Ask about the driveway contractor’s approach to repairing cracks, potholes, or fractures. Also ask how long they have been in business and how much experience they have in completing the type of project you need. Most importantly, request a written quote to see how much you can expect to spend and how long the job will take.

A new installation can range between $2,000 and $4,000. According to HomeGuide, the average cost of concrete driveways is between $8 to $12 per square foot.

It will increase the curb appeal, and therefore, will increase the home’s value, if the installation is done properly. 

Our final thoughts

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