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Rent Collection

Automate rent
& get paid on time

Forget cheques and late payments. Rent Collection sends monthly rent directly to your bank account, and gives tenants extra incentives to pay on time.

Rent Collection by SingleKey

Goodbye, late payments!

Hello, Canada’s first rent collection tool! Get monthly rent payments deposited directly into your bank account—and help tenants build their credit just by paying on time.

  • Automate monthly payments

    Get payments processed in just 3-5 business days. We’ll also send out automatic reminders to tenants and notify you when payments go through.

  • Get paid on time

    By reporting payments to the credit bureau, you can help tenants build their credit history and incentivize them to pay rent on time.

  • Flexible scheduling

    Give your tenants extra time when they need it. You also get complete control with convenient ways to delay, skip, or cancel automated collections.

  • Fast direct-to-bank deposits

    Leave the cheques and e-transfers behind. Connect with your tenants to get payments sent to your bank account every month.

How It Works

Automate rent, just like that

Set up automatic payments with your tenants in just a few clicks.

Enter lease info

Share some basic information about your lease, including unit address, rent amount, and payment schedule.

Invite your tenant

Share a link with your tenant to connect their bank account. Rent payments will be automatically withdrawn on the day you choose.

Connect your bank

Verify your identity and connect your bank account to set up automatic deposits.

Getting Started

Easy for you.
Easy for tenants.

Sign up and set up in just 3 steps. Watch our 3-minute demo.

Key Benefits

Take the chore out of rent payments

Rent Collection makes monthly rent payments easier, safer, and faster for everyone.

Using Rent Collection

Automation meets flexibility

Homeowners love to use SingleKey’s tenant screening solutions and always prefer our Tenant Reports over other free reports.

Delay, skip, or cancel automated collections from your account at any time.

Receive notifications of successful or unsuccessful payments, late payments, and more.

Incentivize on-time payments from your tenants by reporting delinquencies to the credit bureau.

Data Encryption & Privacy

Dedicated to security

Nothing’s more important to us than keeping your information secure. SingleKey works with cutting-edge partners to implement the latest security protocols.


Tiny monthly fee. Pay it as you go.

Get peace of mind for less than a cup of coffee. Our monthly fee covers necessary transaction costs and ensures exceptional customer service for you and your tenant.


/ first 3 tenants

Have more than 10 tenants?

The Reviews Are In

“I never need to worry about nonpayment of rent.”

“I used SingleKey for a background check and it has helped me find higher quality, more financially stable tenants. I have been using SingleKey's Rent Guarantee and automatic Rent Collection for almost a year now too. Peace of mind has a price. I haven't made a claim with them, my hope is that I never need to, but if I do, they will honor their Rent Guarantee program.”


J Wasney

SingleKey Rent Guarantee Customer


“This company is a game-changer. The screening service is fast and comprehensive. The website is well laid out and easy to use. Customer support is... actual customer support. People get back to you. Highly recommended.”


Taco van Ieperen

SingleKey Rent Guarantee Customer


“It is a pleasure to cooperate with you. Thank you for the kindness, professionalism and speed with which you work with clients. A wonderful team, and even more beautiful rental properties.”


Brankica Sarcevic

SingleKey Rent Guarantee Customer


“Very legit. Very professional. Very Canadian! I had a couple of issues at the beginning, but they were addressed quite quickly and properly.  They are a good match to the business of landlording. Have recommended to others in the field.”



SingleKey Customer


““As a landlord, SingleKey is a very important tool to have in your arsenal. The tenant screening tool was particularly useful when evaluating potential tenants as the program allows information to be pulled from various sources. The Rent Guarantee insurance was also very useful. I had a tenant stop paying his rent and SingleKey immediately refunded me my rent without question. I recommend any landlord big or small to give it a try.”



SingleKey Rent Guarantee Customer


“During my experience with the representative at Single Key, I was completely satisfied since everything was explained in detail to me, I fully understood and she answered all my questions. This representative went above and beyond in ensuring that I was quite happy with all resolutions. I'll certainly recommend SingleKey to friends and family. Thank you.”


Carlos B

SingleKey Rent Guarantee Customer


“Professional and easy to use service. Great support along the way.”


Timothy Ray

SingleKey Rent Guarantee Customer

Rent Collection FAQ

In case you were wondering...

Find answers to our frequently asked questions, or get in touch to learn more.

The rent collection service is free for up to 3 concurrent transactions per month. If you have 3 leases, you will typically pay $0 per month.

For up to 10 leases, we would charge $5 per transaction (10-3 = 7 * $5 = $35).
For over 10 leases, we charge $3 per transaction.

For more information on rent collection, please email us at or visit us on our chatbot, which is located on the bottom right-hand side of our website and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Upon completing your rent collection on the SingleKey platform, you will have access to your rent collection dashboard, which will:

• Provide payment status
• Enable delaying or skipping payments
• Allow cancellation of rent collection at the end of the lease

For more information visit our setup guide.

Yes, you will be able to make these changes at anytime:

• Delay next month’s rent collection
• Skip next month’s rent collection
• Cancel your monthly rent collection

We will notify both you and the tenant of a missed payment. We suggest landlords reach out to tenants who missed a rent payment to ensure they get paid. If the tenant does not pay rent, then we suggest the landlord follow the appropriate procedures to mediate and / or evict per the appropriate legal guidelines in the dwelling’s jurisdiction.

Note: if you are signed up for the Rent Guarantee, SingleKey will help mediate and evict delinquent tenants working with our paralegal partners.

Typically, it takes 4-5 business days for the rent transfer to be completed. Note that if the payment date falls on a weekend or a holiday, the rent collection process will begin on the next business day.

Yes. We will send a notification email to your tenant(s) 2 days before the rent is due so they can make sure they have sufficient funds in their account.

When setting up your rent collection, you will invite your tenant(s) via email to accept the Rent Collection terms and to connect their bank account.

We want to help tenants improve their credit scores over time. In order to do this, all payments managed by our platform will be reported to the credit bureaus, including on-time, late, and non-payments. Payments made on-time will help improve the score, while missed payments will reduce the score.

Note that SingleKey does NOT collect and store your bank login credentials. We only store your bank account number in order to determine where to deposit your rent payments. We are partnered with a leading Canadian payment provider to facilitate rent payment collection. The security of your information is very important for us and our partners. We employ the latest data encryption and security protocols to keep your information safe.

Sign up & invite your tenant today.

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