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Tenant Report by SingleKey

One report is all you need

Get all the facts you need to choose the right tenant. Every Tenant Report includes credit and background checks, social media scans, and more.

Credit report by Equifax

Every Tenant Report includes a full credit report powered by Equifax. This includes the credit score and a full credit report—one of the best indicators of a tenant’s financial status and payment history.

Social media check/scan

Get a thorough analysis of your tenant’s public social media accounts. SingleKey doesn’t access or collect any information published on private profiles.

Public documents scan

We look through over 200,000 databases from 240+ countries for criminal records, court decisions, negative press, public biographies, past employment, past addresses and more.

Income & employment verification

In addition to employment info from Equifax, tenants are asked to provide employment references and to upload proof of income (e.g. recent pay stubs) when completing our online rental application. 

Additional Features

Smart shortcuts.
Faster screening.

Save time and effort with additional features built into every Tenant Report.

SingleKey automatically sends out reference requests to tenants’ previous landlords. Completed references are then sent directly to you and cannot be accessed by tenants.

Call our team and we’re happy to help you understand the Tenant Report.

Quickly filter applications with our free pre-screening form. The customizable form includes questions on finances, personal habits, and desired lease terms.

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Pay for your Tenant Report with a credit card, or ask your tenant to submit their own payment.

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Sign up and verify your identity online. The report will be available for secure access in your SingleKey portal.

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The Reviews Are In

“SingleKey is a MUST for all landlords for their screening process.”

“This company is a game-changer. The screening service is fast and comprehensive. The website is well laid out and easy to use. Customer support is... actual customer support. People get back to you. Highly recommended.”


Taco van Ieperen

SingleKey Tenant Report Customer


“SingleKey makes screening of prospective tenants easier with their background check service. The report metrics are easy to understand and I was able to make a decision based on these metrics. I will highly recommend SingleKey.”


Ridwan Abdulazeez

SingleKey Tenant Report Customer


“We used SingleKey for the first time this week. It was easy to get started and they were very quick within the chat to answer any of my questions either with tech help (getting the link sent out to potential tenants) or understanding the credit reports. The reports were done quickly and I was notified by email when they were available. We went from over 40 inquiries down to 4 applicants once we asked for credit info and I feel that probably cut out a lot of potential problems.”


Marie South

SingleKey Tenant Report Customer


“In addition to doing it all on my own, I've tried several other tenant screening services in the past. SingleKey has been the best! They are a real timesaver in my busy day. The ease of letting the tenant complete the application, the choice of who pays, the comprehensive and detailed report, and the referral rating system for the tenant's references - FIVE STARS SingleKey. You make my life easier and give me the ability to rent with confidence.”


Laurie May Peroff

SingleKey Tenant Report Customer


“SingleKey was easy for me as a Landlord to use, and was great for my applicants as they did not have to worry about providing their details directly to me. The cost is totally reasonable and I intend to use this for all my future tenant screening.”


Andrew Remington

SingleKey Tenant Report Customer


“I’ve used SingleKey numerous times on different rental properties I have. Not only did it help me pick out good tenants, I avoided picking a certain disaster tenant. The reports are very thorough and give a ton of information. SingleKey is a MUST for all landlords for their screening process. You can’t beat the assurance for the low cost of a report!”


Andrew Remington

SingleKey Tenant Report Customer

Tenant Report FAQ

In case you were wondering...

Find answers to our frequently asked questions, or get in touch to learn more.

We have offices in Toronto, ON and Vancouver, BC. We serve all of the United States and Canada.

We only charge one-time fee per tenant check. No monthly subscription or services fees. You can pay yourself, or request the tenant to pay.

• Name, Address, Date of Birth, and SIN or Driver’s License, as well as consent to pull a credit report

Don’t have tenant info?
No problem, you can invite tenants via email and we send them a form to collect their info and consent.

The credit inquiry will appear on the applicant’s credit file, however it will not have a significant impact on their credit score, since this is not a credit application.

The Background Check is a real-time public document search of over 200,000 databases looking for criminal records, court decisions, past evictions, negative press, social media profiles, public biographies, past employment and more.

See our full guide on how to read the Singlekey Tenant Credit and Background Check Report here

Protecting your information is our priority. All tenant and landlord data is securely stored and encrypted. For more details see our Privacy Policy.

To create an account, you must complete your first report order. Then the system will ask you to create a username and password in order to log in and securely access your tenant report. To place your first order, hit the Order Now or Get Started button and follow the instructions.


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