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Why should I get both Equifax & TransUnion Reports?

Upon analyzing data from both Equifax and TransUnion reports, we’ve uncovered notable discrepancies in credit scores for the same consumer across credit bureaus. 

Reason for obtaining both reports & benefits

  • Credit Score: Different credit scores between the two bureaus.

  • Collections & bankruptcies: We noticed that collections and bankruptcies reported to the two bureaus could differ. 

  • Secured loans: Secured loans could be reflected in one bureau but not the other.

  • Tradelines: These could be different between the two bureaus. For example, a car loan inquiry could be present in TransUnion but not in Equifax and, vice-versa. This highlights the importance of reviewing both reports for a complete financial assessment.

  • Comprehensive Insight: Since certain lenders report to one bureau more frequently than others, obtaining both reports ensures you have a comprehensive understanding before making any decisions. 


Among the applications we examined, 72% displayed different scores between the two bureaus. 

Further examination of these applications with the difference in scores reveals:

  • 5% of the applicants showcased credit scores with TransUnion, yet Equifax reported “No Score”.

  • 30% of applicants reported collections, and 63% displayed differences in reported collections between the two bureaus. 

  • 13.8% of applicants had bankruptcies reported to the bureaus, with 40% displaying differences in the bankruptcy records reported between Equifax and TransUnion.

  • 5.5% of applicants showcased discrepancies in reported loans between the two credit bureaus.


It’s important to note that credit scores may also vary due to different scoring systems (variations in the scoring model).

Please refer to the link attached here for a comprehensive breakdown and in-depth analysis comparing the two bureaus: Equifax Vs TransUnion: What a Landlord Needs to Know

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