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Rent Guarantee

Protect your rental income

Rent your property—leave the risks to us. In case of non-payment of rent, property damage or lease breaks, the Rent Guarantee gives homeowners ultimate peace of mind by providing financial security and legal support.

Why Rent Guarantee?

Tenant troubles can cost a lot.

Tenants stop paying rent for plenty of reasons: job loss, relationship turmoil, health issues, cash flow problems… the list goes on. Whatever it is, Rent Guarantee can take on the risks so you never have to worry about loss from rent arrears, legal costs, or property damage.


Average cost of tenant evictions paid by


Average cost of legal, court filing and bailiff fees
for tenancy hearings

4-8 months

Time to evict a tenant
(varies by province)

Rent Guarantee by SingleKey

Take the risk stress loss out of renting

When you can’t rely on tenants to cover your mortgage payments, Rent Guarantee steps in with financial backups and legal support so you don’t have to worry.

Rental income guarantee

In case of delinquency, we’ll cover up to 12 months’ rent (up to $60,000).

Lease break protection

Get 30 days of rent paid if your tenant leaves without notice.

Property damage protection

We will reimburse unpaid court-ordered malicious tenant damages up to $10,000.

Legal support & eviction resolution

In case of eviction, our paralegal team will support you throughout the process, with legal fees reimbursed for up to $2,000.

Automated rent collection

Set up automated monthly payments with your tenants and help them build their credit score for paying on time. (Optional)

Tenant report

Every Rent Guarantee subscription comes with 2 Tenant Reports so you can screen potential tenants with confidence.

Getting Started

Get guaranteed in 4 steps

Fill in some details to get your tenant approved right away. It’s that easy.


Pay monthly.
No hidden fees.

Get everything covered for a low percentage of your monthly rent. Plus, save extra when you pay annually.


of monthly rent amount, paid annually

or 5.5% when you pay monthly

Hear From Our Users

Relax with Rent Guarantee

Hear from real homeowners how Rent Guarantee kept them protected.




Find the right tenants with SingleKey and clear your path for long-term rentals.

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Recover rent, fix damages, and simplify evictions with SingleKey’s Rent Guarantee.

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Scale your rental portfolio and ensure cash flow with SingleKey’s risk mitigation tools.

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Let SingleKey cover lost rent and guide you through an eviction with professional legal support.

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Find peace of mind and the confidence to rent as a first-time landlord with SingleKey’s Rent Guarantee.

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The Reviews Are In

“Brilliant model that protects you from any uncertainty of not getting your rent.”

“Brilliant model that protects you from any uncertainty of not getting your rent. Loved the overall support. My account manager even responded to my requests on weekends! SingleKey gives me peace of mind!”


Maunil Parikh

SingleKey Customer


“Easy to use website, did credit check on all the applicants. Also signed up for Rent Guarantee, good to have this insurance - especially in Ontario where LTB system is broken and abused by professional tenants. Hannah was very helpful and quick to respond to my queries. Website has user friendly tools like rental application, standard lease agreement that auto populates once you run the credit check.”


Atul Wadhwa

SingleKey Rent Guarantee Customer


“As a landlord, SingleKey is a very important tool to have in your arsenal. I had a tenant stop paying his rent and SingleKey immediately refunded me my rent without question. Once this was complete their legal team outlined all potential options for me to secure an eviction order and then handled all the paperwork and court proceedings. I am very pleased with this service and I recommend any landlord big or small to give it a try.”



SingleKey Rent Guarantee Customer


“I have been using SingleKey's Rent Guarantee and automatic Rent Collection for almost a year now too. Peace of mind has a price. I haven't made a claim with them, my hope is that I never need to, but if I do, they will honor their Rent Guarantee program.”


J Wasney

SingleKey Rent Guarantee Customer


“Hannah was very helpful and supportive with answering my questions and helping me get myself and my TT sorted out with SJ's services. I’m also signed up for the Rent Guarantee program. SingleKey makes being a landlord a lot less stressful! I can't say enough good things about this company!”


Liza Jamani

SingleKey Rent Guarantee Customer


“I used SingleKey for tenant verification and background check. I am impressed with the service I got and have signed up for Rent Guarantee. It’s an insurance for landlords for rent and seems like a great option. I hope I don’t have to use the benefits or leverage Rent Guarantee program but at least have a peace of mind that I will be covered in case needed.”


Faisal Saeed

SingleKey Rent Guarantee Customer

Rent Guarantee FAQ

In case you were wondering...

Find answers to our frequently asked questions, or get in touch to learn more.

The Rent Guarantee Program includes:

  • Guaranteed Rental income for up to 12 months or $60,000 per lease
  • Damage protection from malicious tenant damage up to $10,000 per lease
  • Legal Fees incurred during the eviction process covered up to $1,500
  • Automatic Rent Collection via PAD
  • 2 FREE Tenant Credit & Background Checks
Since we collect the rent for you, we will know right away if the tenant hasn’t paid and we will take action to contact the tenant and collect the rent. If the tenant is unresponsive, we will continue to pay your rent for up to 12 months while working with our paralegal team to remove the delinquent tenant.

In the case of negligent or wilful property damage by the tenant, please notify us within the next business day and you will be reimbursed up to $10,000 of damages if the tenant refuses to pay.

To start the Rent Guarantee, we need the following documents:

  • A credit report for each tenant – we can help with this
  • Recent proof of income in the form of recent pay stubs, bank statements, or an employment letter

Note that a valid signed lease agreement is only required after the Rent Guarantee is approved by our team.

We also recommend that the landlord performs a pre‐inspection report, including images of the property detailing the condition of the unit prior to the tenant moving in. Landlord or home  insurance is also required.

The good news is that we do not qualify tenants based solely on their credit score. To ensure affordability, we require that the rent cannot exceed 45% of tenant’s gross household-income.
Yes, we can guarantee new and mid-lease tenants. For existing tenants, we simply require confirmation that the tenant has made their past rent payments on time.

Stress-free renting starts here.

Experience no-risk renting, only from SingleKey.

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