SingleKey’s Spring and Summer Cleaning Checklist

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As the warmer weather approaches, it’s time to start thinking about completing a spring and summer cleaning at your rental property. This will ensure both you and your tenants can rest easy knowing that everything is in working order. SingleKey has created a step by step checklist for both landlords and tenants to help get your unit ready for the summer months ahead.

Published on Oct 22, 2021 | Updated on Apr 25, 2023

Spring Cleaning For Landlords and Tenants



A thorough spring and summer cleaning will make sure that your property is well maintained for the rest of the summer. Regular exterior maintenance of your property can prevent issues for both you and your tenant as you can find and fix any maintenance concerns before they become larger issues. Tasks such as cleaning the eaves and gutters will help prevent any pooling of water that could potentially lead to leaks or flooding down the line. Before going to the property to complete the spring cleaning, make sure to give your tenants proper notice. You should also let them know if they will need to move  any of their personal belongings so that the work can be done (ie. If patio furniture needs to be moved for power washing of the deck) 

Using the SingleKey spring cleaning checklist will help you ensure that you don’t miss anything while you are at the property. If you and your tenant have agreed in writing that they will complete some of the tasks, you can take them off the list. Remember to give your tenants a copy of the SingleKey spring cleaning checklist as well so that they can complete an indoor inspection of their unit.


Landlords are responsible for some of the spring and summer cleaning tasks, however it’s up to you as a tenant to handle some of the indoor cleaning. Taking some time to go through the SingleKey spring and summer clean checklist will help you ensure your suite is fresh and ready for summer. Using the SingleKey checklist to complete a thorough inspection can help you find any potential issues in your unit that you should report to your landlord so that they can address them.

Final Thoughts

Setting aside some time now to complete a spring  and summer cleaning of your property is going to allow you and your tenants to enjoy the sun this summer with peace of mind knowing that everything at the property is being well maintained.

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