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Hiring a Gutter Cleaner for Your Rental

Key Takeaways

  • When you need to remove debris from your gutter, hire an insured gutter contractor for your rental. This minimizes liability and helps you identify any snags in your gutters or downspouts. Cleaning your gutters during spring and fall will prevent standing water from damaging your roof or foundation.
  • The cost of gutter maintenance will depend on varying factors, primarily the size of the gutter, the height of the gutters from the ground, and the accessibility at which the contractor can easily get to the gutter.
  • Because gutter cleaners are more experienced in evaluating problem areas and efficiently cleaning and installing gutters, you should hire a professional rather than assigning this task to a tenant.

Published on Dec 21, 2023 | Updated on Dec 21, 2023

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A well-maintained and clog-free gutter is vital for keeping debris and stagnant water off your roof. When your investment property is based in a cold or rainy climate, it will need cleaning and maintenance at least twice annually.

Continue reading to learn how to find gutter companies, what to look for in estimates, and what you can expect to pay annually for a professional company or contractor’s services.

What services do gutter contractors perform?

An experienced gutter contractor will be adept at installing gutters and gutter guards and capable of doing all gutter maintenance and repairs. Here are some of the following services you will get from a contractor specializing in gutters:

  • Debris and leaf removal from gutters
  • Installing gutter guards to minimize debris from trickling inside
  • Home siding repairs 
  • Securing loose downspouts
  • Inspections of gutters and roof
  • Unclogging downspouts
  • Site cleanup

Should you hire gutter cleaners for your rental?

A professional contractor with experience cleaning and maintaining gutters will identify problem areas and can help advise on what type of maintenance is needed. Keeping your gutters free of debris is essential to ensure the rainwater and snowmelt are channeled away from your roof and home.

Typically, a homeowner would hire gutter installers when their roof has multiple slopes and needs a drainage system. Another instance when a gutter installer could help is to protect the home from water pooling on the roof or near the home’s foundation. Rain gutters can protect against water damage that may compromise the home’s structure or lead to mold infestations in cases of severe water damage.

Many homeowners look online or ask for references to find a reputable contractor or gutter installation company. Whether you need a new gutter system, gutter replacement, or seasonal cleaning, ensure the roofing companies being considered have liability insurance. Not all U.S. states and Canadian provinces require a license specific to gutter installation service or cleaning; however, most companies do need a business license and some construction training for installations. Check out Better Business Bureau (BBB) for a reputable company and Google My Business pages. Yelp is also a great source to read online reviews. Some landlords have a professional lawn service that also offers gutter cleaning services.

What to look for in a cost estimate

When shopping around for roofing contractors or gutter cleaners, evaluate every item listed in the estimate. The primary elements that will influence the cost of service may include:

  • Property height: When your home is taller, it becomes more challenging to reach the gutters and poses higher risks.
  • Accessibility to the roof: Is anything obstructing the path to access the roof, like hedges or landscaping, that may make the job more complex?
  • Gutter length and width: More work needs to be done with added length and width.

Other factors impacting the cost of cleaning include the gutter condition and the traveling time it takes the contractor to reach the residence. If the contractor can arrive at the rental home in less than an hour, it’s unlikely that they will charge for travel. Some additional local labor and material costs may apply. 

Here are some essential items that you may find in a detailed estimate:  
  • Scope of the service (cleaning, flushing, repairs, etc.)
  • Labor and material costs
  • Timeframe for completing the job (each job will vary) 
  • Travel fees, if applicable
  • Description of each task, including cleaning and downspout servicing
  • Additional fees will include repairs and added appliances, like guards or installation
  • Warranty, if applicable
Here are examples of a detailed estimate and one that lacks the necessary information:  

Mac's Pro Tip

Due to the inherent risk of working on ladders from tall heights, ensure that your contractor has proper insurance so that you’re not liable for accidents on the property.

FAQ: Hiring a gutter cleaner for your rental

The cost will vary depending on how clogged your gutters are, how many gutters you have, and the gutter’s length and height from the ground. Usually, a property owner can expect to pay anywhere between $80 and $250. 

Landlords who allow the tenant to clean the gutters are taking the risk of being liable for damages to the property or tenant injuries. Landlords are responsible for hiring a professional lawn service or offering gutter cleaning services to manage this risk.

Twice annually. Usually, homeowners should clean their gutters in the spring and fall before winter. If you can only clean your gutters annually, we recommend cleaning them during fall. If you’re a landlord, it’s best to establish a maintenance calendar for preventative maintenance to avoid spending thousands of dollars on repairs. 

Our final thoughts

While your tenant handles most maintenance tasks that don’t require specific training or expertise, maintaining gutters should be the landlord’s responsibility.  Learn more about which maintenance tasks you should handle as a landlord and which ones you may consider delegating to your renter. 

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