Best Rental Websites to list your property in Canada


Nowadays, most tenants are looking online for rental options. It’s a fast and convenient way to compare a wide range of available listings and choose the best one for their needs. As a result, listing your rental property online is a no-brainer if your goal is to find a tenant.

However, you can quickly become overwhelmed by the amount of online property rental websites at your disposal. Which one do you select to post your ad?

Ideally, you want a platform that allows you ample freedom in showcasing and promoting your rental property. It should also help you attract top-notch tenants as you want individuals who’ll treat your property with respect – and won’t skip out on rent payments! Plus, you don’t want to strain your wallet by overpaying for a listing service, so paying attention to listing fees is a crucial factor to consider.

Luckily, we’ve done the grunt work for you by evaluating the best rental websites in Canada and compiled all the essential details and the pros and cons of each. That way, you can better navigate your options and choose the one that’ll provide you with the best exposure for your property listings.

Let’s dig in!

1. Facebook Marketplace

With over 27 million Facebook users in Canada, Facebook Marketplace is another excellent place to list rentals. As long as you have a Facebook account, you can post as many free ads as you like, with up to 10 photos and no expiry date (be sure to renew them, though, so they appear at the top of the listings!).  

The interface is intuitive and convenient and offers a dynamic preview that changes as you fill out information for your ad. You can also leverage Facebook’s massive network by cross-posting your ad onto your Facebook Timeline, Newsfeed, and various Facebook groups.  

Prospective tenants can easily message you through Facebook’s platform, and all correspondence goes into a unique folder separate from your Messenger chats. Each message even links to its corresponding listing and sets reminders! 

Facebook also provides a nifty security feature that allows you to see each tenant’s profile as a real person. You can also change the status of your listing from Available to Pending or Sold. 


For tenants, there’s a handy map view that allows them to locate potential listings quickly; however, there are limited filtering options based on listing details. The feature also automatically provides nearby transportation and walking scores for each listing.  

Unfortunately, many realtors post fake listings onto Facebook Marketplace in a deceitful attempt to get more clients, which is its primary drawback.

Recommended for

Individual Landlords & Realtors

    • Dynamic preview that changes as you edit your ad
    • Ads do not expire
    •  The Messenger app organizes your message and allows you to view tenants’ profiles
    • High volume of fake listings by realtors
    • Limited filtering options for tenants

2. Craigslist

Craigslist receives tremendous web traffic, with 13.21 million Canadian visits alone in February 2022. 

Posting ads is straightforward, with no sign-up or fee required, and you’re allowed up to 24 images. Prospective tenants can contact you through email and other contact information you add to the listing. Each ad expires within 45 days, or seven if the listing is in a larger city.  

However, the website’s dated appearance may dissuade tenants and landlords alike from using it to search for rental properties and listing them, respectively. The website, populated with mostly legacy users, resembles those from the early 2000s, and it doesn’t provide the most user-friendly experience. 

From a tenant perspective, the search and filter functions are awkward, making it difficult and frustrating to sort through available listings. Also, the ad layouts are very disorganized, and listing details are tough to read.


There’s little vetting done on Craigslist to ensure each listing is legitimate – you can post an ad without needing to create an account. While convenient, the result is that many fake rental property ads end up cluttering the website. 

Many landlords also find that the website attracts a considerable number of lower-quality tenants, and many inquiries they receive aren’t from serious prospects.

Recommended for

DIY Small Landlords

    • No sign-up required.
    • No fees to pay to post basic listings
    • Traffic is split between rental ads and other categories
    • Since it is easy to post ads, occasional scams can occur
    •  Tenant inquiries aren’t always serious

3. Kijiji

Whether you’re a budding Canadian landlord or a seasoned pro, you’re likely familiar with Kijiji, a classified advertising website with massive traffic garnering 46.9 million visitors in February 2020. In fact, it’s the 26th most visited website in Canada! 

Kijiji offers three different tiers when it comes to posting a property listing:

  1. Free: You can post a basic ad with ten pictures. You can only have two ads running simultaneously, and you’ll have to keep reposting them to ensure they appear on top of search results or pay additional money to boost them.
  2. $130.95/month: You can post an ad with 20 pictures and an urgent flag. The website automatically bumps them up every seven days.
  3. $392.95/month: In addition to the previous perks, your ad receives priority in search results, appearing as a top ad, and you can add a link to your listing.

The website offers several features to maximize your ad’s exposure to ensure it reaches as many users as possible. These include posting a second copy of your ad in Kijiji’s homepage gallery, or highlighting it, which displays it against a blue background, so it stands out. Ads generally expire after 60 days.


Kijiji has a simple layout, making it easy to list properties. You can even set up virtual viewing features, such as virtual tours or video chats, and check how many people have viewed your listing.  

However, the website offers limited search and filter options, so renters may struggle to find their desired listing. Communication between yourself and prospective tenants is done through Kijiji’s inbox, which can get messy if you have multiple ads running. 

Like Craigslist, Kijiji’s lax vetting can result in fake listings appearing on the website and inquiries about properties that aren’t always serious. As a result, it’s wise to be aware of scams and follow best practices when screening tenants.

Recommended for

DIY Small Landlords

    • Multiple tiers and upgrades are available to customize your ad
    • High website traffic means that your ad is visible to many people
    • Communication between yourself and inquiring renters is done through Kijiji’s inbox, which is difficult to manage and organize
    • The free tier restricts you to two active ads at a time

4. Padmapper

Unlike the previous websites, Padmapper is focused only on housing. By signing up for Padmapper, you can showcase your ad to over 464.4K monthly viewers for free. Each ad allows you to post over 20 images, and ads don’t appear to expire.

Unfortunately, the platform is not very user-friendly for tenants and landlords alike. As a landlord, you can post a listing only if you download the mobile app – there’s no way to do so on a desktop. Communication with tenants is done through the site’s messaging system.

Tenants can freely use a desktop to view listings and filter rentals by price, location, and utilities. A helpful map feature also allows them to explore listings by proximity.

However, numerous bugs seem to affect Padmapper’s mobile app, such as the need to log in multiple times before it functions properly.

Recommended for

Landlords, Realtors, Property Managers

    • Simple to use with no complicated add-on features
    • Tenants can easily search and filter for listings on a desktop
    • Cannot post a listing through a desktop
    • Mobile app is often difficult to use because of glitches


Another option besides posting your listing online is to hire a professional. helps connect you with realtors in your area who have the knowledge and expertise to market your property effectively and find a suitable tenant. Though the cost varies from agent to agent, most realtors charge a commission equal to one 1-month’s rent if they can close a deal for you.

There are numerous benefits associated with using a realtor. As industry professionals, they’ll:

  • Take photos and list your property on Multiple Listing Services (MLS)
  • Hold property viewings on your behalf
  • Screen the applicants and ensure you get a quality tenant
  • Set up your lease agreement with the new tenant

If you’re willing to pay the commission, hiring a realtor is the easiest and safest way to rent out your property.

Recommended for

Large Landlords and Property Managers

    • Receive professional advice on how to advertise your listing best
    • A turn-key solution for the full rental process
    • In general, you can expect higher quality tenants
    • Most expensive option
    • Depending on how many clients the agent has and the situation surrounding their properties, you may not be first on their priority list


For $54.95/month, Viewit allows you to post property rental listings to their 378.6K monthly viewers. No account is necessary to post an ad, which expires after one month and enables you to post up to 10 photos.

Viewit reviews ads before they go live on the site to ensure each is legitimate. Thus, you can rest easy knowing no one will be reusing your listing information as part of a scam.


On the flip side, any edits, changes, or cancellations you would like to make to your listing require contacting their team. Their turnaround time is within a business day, but some landlords may prefer a platform that provides them with more control in modifying their ads.

Viewit offers additional paid upgrades to enhance your ad and can even send professional photographers to take photos of your property. 

Tenants can utilize their map view to view nearby listings or the search and filter functions to narrow it down based on their utility preferences. They can message landlords through Viewit directly.

Recommended for

Property Managers

    • Vetted postings ensure that the listing information you provide won’t be used to scam others

    • Any changes you wish to make to your listings require contacting their staff, which takes editing and posting out of your hands


A relatively new rental platform, averages around 1.5 million monthly views and is still growing. It also boasts a mobile app.

Posting requires signing up for an account, and you can select if you want your ad to expire in 15 or 30 days.

There are three different ad tiers to choose from:

  • Free: no special perks for listings.
  • Promoted: for $24/15 days or $49/30 days, your listing receives added exposure on the map/list and syncs with Facebook Marketplace and mobile app notifications.
  • Featured: for $124/15 days or $249/30 days, you get top listings and priority, a “Featured” tag, and your ad appears highlighted on the map. This is in addition to all the perks in the previous tier.

You need to provide a floor plan and at least two images for each ad. The website allows you to keep track of your listings and their status and even save drafts. Tenants can contact you through the website or the phone number you provide directly on the listing. reviews and approves each listing, so the website contains very few. Most listings on the website are for apartments/condos.

The website provides good search and filter options for tenants, including a map view that displays nearby listings. Each listing also comes generated with a neighbourhood and transportation information.

Recommended for

Property Managers and Individual Landlords

    • The website is easy to use and navigate
    • Postings are vetted, which means very few scam listings appear
    • The company is relatively new, so there’s not as many reviews on it and users have little experience with the website
    • The target market is mostly larger cities and apartment or condos

The Final Verdict: The Best Rental Sites in Canada

Craiglist Kijiji Facebook Marketplace Padmapper Realtor Viewit Rentals.Ca
Monthly Traffic (February 2022)
Account Required
Listing User Experience
- Very dated website
- Used mostly by legacy users
- Simple interface: easy to list a property
- You have to keep reposting the listing so it shows up at the top or pay to boost it
- Listing status helpful
- No need to boost listings
-Communications with renters is easy, and it's nice to see their profile, to make sure you were speaking with a real person
- Very confusing and complicated interface
- Only allows posting on mobile app, no desktop access for listing
- Good experience for tenants
- Agents will post listing for you
- Limited control control since all edits, deletions, etc has to be approved by their team
- Allows you to keep track of your listing status and save drafts
Renter User Experience
No real search or filter functionality
Renters have a hard time to filter and limited search capability
Easy for both tenants and landlords
Many glitches when searching for listings and makes you log in multiple times.
Polished and professional look and feel. Lots of listings to choose from.
Tenants can use map view to see nearby listings or filter to narrow down the listings based on utilities.
- Provides good search and filter options
- Including a map view of nearby listings.
Tenants can only message landlord. Very limited.
Just message landlord. All messages are in an inbox, which is not very organized.
The marketplace app separates messages from your personal ones. Ties it to the listing and sets reminders.
Very basic.
Realtor's contact info is included in each listing. Easy to get in touch.
Send email through Viewit directly or call on provided number.
Tenants can contact you through the website or the phone number you add.
- Basic : free
-More visibility: $130.95/month
- Most visibility: $392.95/month
- Fees vary for posting unit
- Most realtors charge 1 month's rent
- $54.95
- Additional costs optional
# of Pictures
10 ( Free)
3 (Recommended)
2 (Minimum)
Ad Expiry
45 or 7 days
60 days (Fees may apply to extend)
1 Month
Fake Listing
Many fake listings
Many fake listings
Many realtors with fake listings to get business
Many fake listings
None. Listings vetted by realtor.
None. Listings vetted.
Very few fake listings.
Can list virutal tour options
- Interactive ad maker.
- Cross-post ad to Newsfeed, Timeline and Groups
Shows a mapview of rentals
A turn-key solution for the full rental process.
- No fake listings
- Offers professional photographer
- Popular with large property manager
- Shows a mapview of rentals.
- Provides neighbourhood and transportation information
- Low vetting.
- traffic is shared with other categories.
- Low vetting
- 2 ad limit for free account.
- Low vetting
- Mobile only
- Most expensive option, costing 1 month's rent.
Must contact their team for changes.
New website so not enough reviews on it.
Best For
Small Landlords
Small Landlords
Individual Landlords + Realtors
Large landlords, realtors, property managers
Property Managers
Property managers, Individual landlords

Best Rental Websites in Canada by Province

Besides the top Canada-wide rental sites we featured above, each province has specific rental websites popular in the region. We highlight some of the best ones below.

British Columbia


415K visitors per month

RentBoard has an ad credit system where you buy a certain number of credits to post your listing. For example, you can purchase 30 days’ worth of credits and use them to list one ad for 30 days, two ads for 15 days, or even 30 different ads for one day each. If you take an ad down early, RentBoard saves them for the next time you decide to post.


5.7 million visitors per month 

Signing up for an account on Point2Homes requires approval from their team, and prices vary by region. Real estate agents, property managers, and brokerages primarily use the site.



1.28 million visitors per month

Rentfaster lets you post an ad for 60 days at $45. Some limitations apply as outlined on their website. Once you’ve found a tenant, you can deactivate the ad and reactivate it for $40 at a later date.


474K visitors per month

RENTcafe is very popular with tenants. However, signing up to post your listing requires multiple steps, including registering with its affiliate company, Yardi, to use their property management software. The website is well-suited for property managers.

Immediate Rent

2K visitors per month

Immediate Rent is one of the newest entrants in the online property rental space. What sets them apart from the competition is they allow payments in crypto-currencies (over 200 in total) – the first rental portal to do so. As a landlord, you can advertise your property for free – there are no listing, monthly, or platform fees to pay.


153K visitors per month

TorontoRentals is now part of, so listings on TorontoRentals will also appear on and vice versa.

1.9 million visitors per month boasts a vast database of users looking to rent or buy condos. The site will put you in contact with a realtor/condo professional to help you list your property.


83K visitors per month

Louer specializes in rental units in Quebec and has a French version of their website. It allows you to post listings for free, but your account must be approved before you can use it.

5.3M visitors per month

Duproprio is the largest real estate website in Quebec for buying and selling homes and renting out property. They offer three tiers for ads: free, $49.95/3 months, and $199.95/3 months. Each tier differs in the number of weeks you can display your ad on the site and the number of photos of your property you can include.

Finding great tenants for your rental property in Canada is one of the hardest things about being a landlord. It’s a lot easier when you know where to list your ads, so finding a reliable and trustworthy website is always a good first step.  

If you’re looking to rent out your apartment or home to a quality tenant, SingleKey can help make the process easier, faster, and safer. With our Tenant Credit Check in Canada, you can screen your potential applicants in less than 5 minutes to find the perfect renters for your property.