Welcome to SingleKey!

SingleKey is excited to welcome Naborly users to the SingleKey Community. Naborly users can look forward to the best screening experience in Canada, as we merge our screening platforms. We are committed to ensuring a smooth transition for all Naborly users. Please read further for more information.

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About SingleKey

SingleKey helps homeowners take the risk out of renting, building trust between landlords and tenants. SingleKey offers the fastest and most comprehensive tenant screening tools in the market, as well as Canada’s only Rent Guarantee Insurance program. SingleKey also provides tools and processes to help landlords with rent collection. We continue to develop new products and services to take the stress and risk out of renting.

Seamless Account Transfers

Before November 1st, 2022, please continue to use your Naborly account as usual.

Naborly users will be transitioned to the SingleKey Platform on November 1st, 2022.
By activating your SingleKey account, Naborly homeowners can access:

On or after November 1st, 2022, Naborly customer accounts will be automatically transferred to SingleKey.

    • You can access your new SingleKey account by logging into your Naborly account
    • Your Naborly reports will continue to be available to you in your SingleKey account for up to sixty (60) days following purchase

Our SingleKey Customer Success Team members are available to assist you with your account transfer at or by phone at 1 (877) 978-1404

SingleKey Enhanced Tenant Screening

The SingleKey Tenant Report is similar to the Naborly Pro Report, but contains more information. Here are a few key differences:
View Sample Report Here ->

Ordering reports is easy! You can screen prospective tenants by:

    • Inviting the Tenant to fill out our online rental application (like Naborly) by providing a SingleKey link, or by
    • Entering Tenant info (with signed consent) to run the report without inviting the tenant.

Any questions with respect to earlier Naborly report purchases should be directed to

Guaranteed Rental Income

The SingleKey Rent Guarantee program protects landlords against tenant rent default. We have grown to become the leading provider of the Rent Guarantee program in Canada.

The Rent Guarantee program includes:

    • Guaranteed Rent: Up to 12 months or $60,000
    • Damage Protection: Up to $10,000 in damages
    • Eviction Support: Paralegal fees up to $1,500

SingleKey has been operating its Rent Guarantee program continuously across Canada since 2019. This is our proprietary program and not a version of the discontinued Naborly Shield product. 

SingleKey’s Rent Guarantee program is robust. We are a participating member of a Protected Cell Captive insurance company that is 100% re-insured by a carrier rated A+ by A.M. Best.

For more information on the program, please book a call with our sales team here.

Upgraded Information Security

The security and integrity of your information is important to us. SingleKey uses identity verification tools, verifying every landlord user in order to prevent malicious activity and instances of fraud. We work with cutting-edge technology partners to keep up with the latest security protocols. SingleKey does not keep a record of your passwords or payment information.

Landlord FAQs

What will happen to my Naborly account?

    • Before November 1st – Please continue to use your Naborly account and process tenant screenings as usual. The Naborly website and app will function the same as always, but with quicker processing times and improved customer service.
    • After November 1st – Your Naborly Account will be automatically transferred to the SingleKey platform, at no charge. You can log in with your  same Naborly credentials. Your existing Naborly reports will be available in your new SingleKey account for sixty (60) days after the date of purchase. For future tenant screenings, you will be able to order a SingleKey Tenant Report.

What about the Naborly report(s) that I purchased?

Any existing Naborly reports purchased before November 1st, that still appear on your account, will be transferred to your SingleKey account, and will be available there for sixty (60) days from date of purchase. You will be able to log into your SingleKey account with your same Naborly account credentials.

How does the SingleKey report differ from the Naborly report that I’m used to?

The SingleKey report is similar to Naborly, but contains more information as shown on this sample report. Here are a few key differences:

    • Full Equifax Credit Report including all tradelines. Naborly does not include tradelines or creditors on their Equifax credit report.
    • Includes a Background Check that is not included in Naborly. 
    • Includes a Social Media Scan that will crawl the web to find the tenant’s public social media accounts
    • Bonus: we also offer a free Pre-screening tool to filter applicants before viewings as well as a Leases Generator to autofill your lease agreement (ON, AB, BC, QC)

How do I order a SingleKey report? Is the process different from Naborly?

    • You may order a report by: (a) inviting the tenant to fill out our online rental application, and providing a SingleKey link (like Naborly) OR (b) if you have the tenant’s info and consent, you can enter tenant information and run the report without having to invite the tenant.
    • For more information refer to our order page here or see a quick instructional video here.

Does SingleKey run a soft or hard credit check on potential tenants? Will this check affect the tenant’s credit score?

Singlekey runs the same type of rental credit inquiry with Equifax that Naborly does. The credit inquiry will appear on the applicant’s credit file, however, it will not have a significant impact on their credit score, since this is not an application for credit.

How does the SingleKey pricing compare to Naborly? Is there a subscription? 

    • Pricing is similar to the Naborly Pro Screening at $24.99 (in Canada)
    • We only charge a one-time fee per tenant check. No monthly subscription or services fees. You can pay yourself, or request the tenant to pay.
    • SingleKey does not offer a multi-tiered report as Naborly did, but we plan to offer the ability to customize what is included in your report by the end of the year.

What is the SingleKey Rent Guarantee program?

SingleKey offers a Rent Guarantee program that protects landlords against tenants who don’t pay rent or damage property. The program includes:

    • Guaranteed Rent: Up to 12 months or $60,000
    • Damage Protection: Up to $10,000 in damages
    • Eviction Support: Paralegal fees up to $1,500
    • Tenant Screening (2 Free Tenant Reports)
    • Online Rent Collection (PAD)
    • Starting at 5% of Monthly Rent
    • For more information on the program, book a call with our sales team here.

How does your Rent Guarantee compare to the Naborly Shield Program?

Some of you may be familiar with the discontinued Naborly Shield product. SingleKey has been operating a similar, stronger, Rent Guarantee program continuously across Canada since 2019. SingleKey is a participating member of a Protected Cell Captive insurance company that is 100% re-insured by a carrier rated A+ by A.M. Best. We have grown to become the leading provider of this type of program across Canada.

How does the SingleKey Rent Collection work?

    • SingleKey offers a FREE Rent Collection tool to automate and centralize your rent collections. Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) direct deposit means you can set it and forget it. Your first 3 rent collections are FREE for an unlimited period.
    • Connect with your tenants to receive payments automatically every month using Pre-Authorized Debit. Our secure payments processing app allows you to automatically withdraw rent each month, giving you more time for other things.
    • Rent Payments are reported to the credit bureaus to help tenants build credit and incentivise timely payments.

I’m a larger property manager – how can I create and manage our team accounts? 

Our B2B sales and support team is available to support your needs and set-up access and billing structures to support larger teams. SingleKey’s Customer Success team will work with you to set up appropriate User Permissions for your team members, and provide white-glove customer support.

What are your hours of operation and contact information?

Our awesome CS team will be available to answer any questions between:
Weekdays: 9 am – 7 pm
Saturdays: 10 am – 2 pm
Closed Sundays
Email us at: or call: +1 877-978-1404

Tenant FAQs

What happened to my Naborly Passport?

The Naborly Passport was discontinued prior to the SingleKey transition. For any requests regarding the passport or subscriptions, please contact and any requests will be handled according to Naborly company policy

What services are offered to tenants?

SingleKey is building a Tenant Portal (coming soon). Tenants will have the ability to run their own credit reports, and share it alongside multiple rental applications, so that they don’t have to run a new credit report with every new application. The tenant portal will also give access to special offers on tenant insurance and other relevant services!

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The SingleKey Rent Guarantee coverage is provided by Lloyds Lloyds Crest Lloyds, rated A+ by A.M. Best. Coverage is offered in the form of a surety performance bond. SingleKey is a participating member of Protected Cell Captive insurance company that is one hundred percent reinsured within the Lloyd’s Market rated A+ by A.M. Best. 

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