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Rent Guarantee
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Sometimes even the best tenants may have difficulty making rent. Rent Guarantee protects your property and rental income so you can take the risk out of renting.

SingleKey Landlord Rent Guarantee Insurance

What’s Covered

SingleKey Rent Guarantee Includes

tenant background check and verification services

Rent Guarantee

When your tenant stops paying rent, we pay your lost rent until the tenant is removed from the unit. The rent is covered for up to 12 months or $60,000.

tenant background check and verification services

Damage Protection

You are covered for up to $10,000 of property damage due to vandalism or willful damage by the tenant. This is not covered by your landlord insurance. 

tenant background check and verification services

Delinquency Resolution

SingleKey will serve the eviction notices and hire a local paralegal to handle the tenant eviction process on your behalf. Paralegal, court and bailiff fees are covered up to $1,500.

tenant verification services

Lease Break Protection

When your tenant breaks the lease without notice, we have you covered for up to 60 days of lost rent to give you the time you need to find a great new tenant.

tenant background check and verification services

Automatic Rent Collection

We will collect the rent from your tenant’s bank account and send it directly to the landlord’s account. With our Pre-Authorized Debit system, the rent is transferred within 24 hours.

tenant background check and verification services

Tenant Credit & Background Check

We offer the fastest credit and background check report in Canada. The rent guarantee program includes two free credit reports. You can order a report here.

How to Enroll

How to Get our Landlord Rent Guarantee


Provide the Required Documents from Tenants

When you have an interested tenant, you need to collect a tenant credit report and proof of income.


Fill Out the Rent Guarantee Enrolment Form

Provide information about the unit, tenant and upload the required documentation.


Approve Your Tenant

If your tenant meets our qualification criteria, we will approve the tenant and send you a Rent Guarantee certificate by email.


Choose Your Rent Collection Method

Decide if you will be collecting your own rent, or if you want SingleKey to automatically collect it for you.


Get Your Rent Guaranteed

You’re all done! Now someone from our team will reach out to finalize your enrolment.


How to Place a Claim


Screen Your Tenants

Invite your tenants to apply online and receive a detailed report including an Equifax credit check, income and employment history, criminal records, a social media scan and more.


Upgrade & Guarantee your Rent

Upgrade to the Rent Guarantee program and say goodbye to dealing with missed payments, early termination, tenant evictions and legal fees.


Submit your claim

If your tenant meets our qualification criteria, we will send you the Rent Guarantee Agreement to sign through DocuSign by email.


Enjoy Hassle-Free Renting

Decide if you will be collecting your own rent, or if you want SingleKey to automatically collect it for you.

Qualification Criteria + Documents Required

Who Qualifies for our Rent Guarantee

tenant background check and verification services

Tenants Requirements

NOTE: We do not decline tenants based on their credit score.


tenant background check and verification services

Landlord & Property Requirements

Documents Required

To be approved, you must submit the following tenant documents through our online form or by emailing a SingleKey representative

tenant verification services

New Tenants
(less than 12 months on the lease)

Mid-Lease Tenants
(over 12 months)

Here's how our PAD rent collection process works

Automatic Rent Collection

To make your renting process even easier and more secure, we offer Free Automatic Rent Collection via Pre-Authorized Debit as part of the Rent Guarantee program. 


tenant verification services

The landlord and the tenant can securely connect their bank account to our system.


tenant background check and verification services

Set it and for get it! Set the rent amount, start date and what day of the month to collect.


tenant background check and verification services

We will monitor your rent payments to make sure they go through and reach out to the tenant if necessary.

This service is optional, and you are free to also collect your own rent. 



Pay Annually

5% 5% of monthly rent paid annually
  • Guaranteed Rent
  • Damage Protection
  • Legal Fee Coverage
  • Vacancy Protection
  • Rent Collection (optional)
  • 2 Free Tenant Reports
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Pay Monthly

5.5% 5.5% of monthly rent paid monthly
  • Guaranteed Rent
  • Damage Protection
  • Legal Fee Coverage
  • Vacancy Protection
  • Rent Collection (optional)
  • 2 Free Tenant Reports


Your Rent Guarantee Questions Answered

The Rent Guarantee program includes:

– Guaranteed Rental income for up to 12 months or $60,000 per lease
– Damage protection from willful tenant damage up to $10,000 per lease
– Legal Fees incurred during the eviction process covered up to $1,500
– Automatic Rent Collection via PAD
– 2 FREE Tenant Credit & Background Checks

  • Your property must be located in Canada, excluding Quebec. We currently do not offer Rent Guarantee in the United States.
  • You must be the owner of the unit you wish to guarantee.
  • Your lease agreement must be 12 months or longer.
  • Your rental unit must be legal.

To start the Rent Guarantee we need the following documents:

1. Credit Report for each tenant – we can help with this

2. Proof of income in the form of recent Paystubs, T4, Bank statement or Employment Letter

3. Valid signed lease agreement

We also recommend that the landlord performs a Pre‐Inspection report, including images of the property detailing the condition of the unit prior to tenant move‐in; as well as proof of property and liability insurance

The good news is that we do not qualify tenants based solely on their credit score. To ensure affordability, we require that the rent cannot exceed 45% of tenant’s gross household-income.

The program fee starts at 5% of the monthly rent, charged monthly or annually.

We can deduct the fee when we process your monthly rent payments (optional) or we can charge your credit card on a monthly basis for the term of the lease. 

After the initial lease term, the Rent Guarantee goes month-to-month and you can cancel by providing 30 days notice.

Since we collect the rent for you, we will know right away if the tenant hasn’t paid and we will take action to contact the tenant and collect the rent. If the tenant is unresponsive, we will continue to pay your rent for up to 12 months while working with our paralegal team to remove the delinquent tenant.

You will receive a Pre-Authorized Debit transfer from your tenant account to your bank account each month. You will need to connect your bank account to our system or send us a void cheque to set this option up.

In the case of negligent or wilful property damage by the tenant, please notify us within the next business day and we will be reimbursed up to $10,000 of damages if the tenant refuses to pay.

To make a claim for Rent Guarantee Default, you must notify us in writing within three (3) business days of a tenant default on rent. You need to provide us with the documents listed here.

To make a claim for Willful Damage, you must notify us in writing within ten (10) business days of finding property damage by your tenant. You need to provide us with the documents listed here.

Yes, we can guarantee new and mid-lease tenants. For existing tenants, we simply require confirmation that the tenant has made their past rent payments and is not behind on rent.

Each policy covers a single lease agreement for a single residential rental unit. If you have multiple rental properties, you can purchase a separate policy for each unit. If your property has 2 or more units, then you must guarantee all units simultaneously.

The Rent Guarantee agreement is between SingleKey and the landlord. The landlord will sign a lease with the tenant but does not need to include SingleKey in the lease. 

As a landlord, there is no need to let the tenant know about the rent guarantee, but you can do so if you’d like. SingleKey will only interact with the tenant to collect the rent or if the tenant has not paid.

No. The tenant will have the same incentive to pay the rent since they will be evicted for non-payment if they do not.

Ready to Guarantee your Rent?

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The SingleKey Rent Guarantee coverage is provided by Lloyds Lloyds Crest Lloyds, rated A+ by A.M. Best. Coverage is offered in the form of a surety performance bond. SingleKey is a participating member of Protected Cell Captive insurance company that is one hundred percent reinsured within the Lloyd’s Market rated A+ by A.M. Best. 

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