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5 Reasons to Switch to SingleKey’s New App

Key Takeaways

  • The leasing process is now more efficient than ever with the new SingleKey app, which brings a more intuitive experience to all users and is supported by a suite of upgraded tenant screening features.
  • New services and expanded tools include SingleKey’s Dual Credit Report, International Credit Check, and an interactive, HTML version of our Tenant Screening Report.
  • SingleKey’s new app is now mobile-optimized for an even better user experience.

Published on May 16, 2024 | Updated on May 17, 2024

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We’re always refining our app with homeowners in mind, from improving the user experience to developing new tools to simplify the leasing process. While some updates work behind the scenes to improve your everyday experience, if you’ve been on the SingleKey platform lately, you’ll notice a major overhaul—one that we know you’ll appreciate as a valuable member of our community.

Here are just some of the latest features you’ll find on our new app.

Dual Credit Report

Powered by Equifax and TransUnion, the new Dual Credit Report gives you a more complete credit profile of your rental applicant that captures any important insights and potential red flags.

Given that various lenders only report to one bureau, the results from both reports can be surprisingly different. Learn more about why two credit reports are better than one.

International Credit Check

Screen international tenants more effectively with our International Credit Check. In partnership with Nova Credit, this first-of-its-kind product gives housing providers access to tenant credit history data for 80% of new Canadian applicants. 

With every report, you’ll get in-depth insights into an international rental applicant’s creditworthiness, a public record search of over 200,000 databases across 240 countries, and employment references and proof of income provided by the tenant on our online rental application.

Take a look at our sample International Credit Report.

An interactive Tenant Screening Report

Not only is our updated Tenant Screening Report more comprehensive, but it’s also fully interactive. Enjoy reviewing more data on your potential tenants with a seamless HTML experience instead of a traditional PDF report.    

Explore the new HTML experience of our sample Tenant Report.

Upgraded rental application

With our expanded rental application, you’ll get more information about your potential tenant with less friction. Some of the new data includes more occupant details, multiple sources of income, and extended employment history.

Here’s a preview of the enhanced rental application.

A mobile-optimized experience 

When you’re on the go, SingleKey is there to keep up with you. Our platform is now fully mobile-optimized, so all of our users can access their data with an improved and more intuitive experience.

Discover the new SingleKey app

If you haven’t experienced the new SingleKey app, log in and let us know what you think. 

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