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The Key Benefits of SingleKey’s Tenant Screening Service

Key Takeaways

  • SingleKey's Tenant Report is comprehensive, covering a range of essential information about a tenant's background and financial history.
  • The Tenant Report is created within a few minutes upon order and contains information only from trustworthy sources like Equifax and thousands of publicly available databases.
  • To order a report, you only need to create a free SingleKey account and to provide a few basic details about your tenant.

Published on Jun 7, 2023 | Updated on Feb 21, 2024

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Get through your rental applications faster

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SingleKey’s Tenant Report contains all the information you need to screen applicants like a pro. It’s comprehensive, easy to read, and delivered to you within minutes. 

Read on to learn more about this tenant screening service and why our report deserves a place in your tenant screening arsenal.

Access all the details you need in a single document.

When screening tenants, the more information you have at your disposal, the better. Employing a holistic approach by reviewing a diverse range of data ensures you don’t miss critical details that could sway your decision to accept or reject an applicant.

SingleKey’s Tenant Report is all-encompassing, providing you with everything you need to determine whether a tenant meets your requirements, including:

  • A detailed credit report that lists debts owed, creditors’ names, payment history, monthly bills, credit inquiries, bankruptcies, liens, accounts sent to collection, court judgments, and more. If your applicant is experiencing debt problems or falling behind on their bills, you’ll find the evidence here.
  • A thorough background check collected from thousands of publicly available databases worldwide. Does the applicant have an extensive criminal history? Were they ever summoned to court by a previous landlord due to unpaid rent? Are they being truthful about their past employment? SingleKey’s background check can help you answer these questions and more.

Get the necessary information in minutes.

Getting the facts that you need to screen an applicant properly can be time-consuming and overwhelming. You could spend days scouring the internet for information, and that’s if you know what to look for in the first place.

SingleKey’s Tenant Report gets the job done at lightning speed. Once you provide a few key details about your applicant and place your order, the essential data is sourced, compiled, and organized into a single document within five minutes.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the valuable information you’ll get access to:A sample of SingleKey's Tenant Report as part of SingleKey's tenant screening service.

Check out a sample report here.

It’s easy to order and manage.

Ordering a SingleKey Tenant Report is simple. Just follow these three simple steps to get started:

  1. Share basic details about your applicant or invite them to provide that information on their own. SingleKey will use this information to gather the relevant facts about the applicant and assemble your Tenant Report.
  2. Pay for your Tenant Report or ask the applicant to cover the cost.
  3. Sign up for a SingleKey account and verify your identity online. Once your report is ready, it’ll be available for you to download securely in SingleKey’s portal. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can start screening prospective tenants with SingleKey.

It’s a trusted source of tenant screening data.

Compiling financial and background data about a potential tenant is already a challenge—but ensuring the credibility of that information is crucial.

The Tenant Report is secure, tamper-proof, and delivered straight from SingleKey once it’s ready. As a result, you never have to worry about someone altering the contents before it reaches your account. On the other hand, if you accept such a report from an individual, there’s always the risk that it’s a forgery.

SingleKey understands how critical reliable data is when evaluating applicants. Incorrect or outdated details can result in landlords choosing troublesome tenants for their rental properties. For this reason, all the information in the Tenant Report comes from trustworthy and reputable sources. 

Details that relate to an applicant’s credit history come from Equifax, one of Canada’s major credit bureaus. Background information is compiled by SoftCheck, a real-time public information search of over 110,000 databases from over 240 countries. This  service gathers facts about criminal activity, negative press mentions, incidents of fraud, court decisions, social profiles, regulatory violations, past employment records, and more.

As an added measure, SingleKey also asks tenants to provide employment references and upload proof of income (such as a pay stub) when they fill out the online rental application. These details appear in the Tenant Report.

Additional tools make tenant screening even easier.

In addition to our report, SingleKey’s tenant screening service offers these extra resources to help simplify the screening process:

  • Pre-screening form: This customizable pre-screening form helps you filter through applicants quickly to identify those who meet your minimum requirements.
  • Verified preferences: As a part of our tenant screening service, SingleKey automatically sends reference requests to applicants’ previous landlords when you order a Tenant Report. Once complete, the contact details become available to you so you can verify them.
  • Lease auto-fill: Once you’ve approved an applicant, this tool will automatically take any applicable information from the application form and pre-fill it in your lease agreement (currently available for lease agreements in Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta, with more provinces to come).

Our final thoughts

When you’re armed with the right information about a prospective tenant’s background and finances, you can make a better decision about who you invite to live in your rental.

SingleKey’s tenant screening service makes the task of verifying applicants easy and stress-free with the Tenant Report and time-saving tools. 


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