Life happens, sometimes even a great tenant may have difficulty making rent. Protect yourself with our Rent Guarantee.

Professional Tenant Screening

We screen your tenants and help you choose the best applicant.  Equifax Credit Report and Tenant Background Check are included. 

Automatic Rent Collection

Rent is paid by pre-authorized debit, a faster and safer way than cheques or interact transfers. No more late payments

Guarantee Rent Income

Landlords get paid even when tenants miss their rent payments. We pay up to 6 months or until the situation is resolved

Property Damage Protection

Protect your property with $10,000 of damage protection in the event of vandalism by the tenant.

Delinquency Resolution

Our paralegal team will resolve the situation through mediation or eviction if necessary

Legal Cost Coverage

All legal fees included. Unlimited coverage of paralegal costs incurred during the eviction process.

How does the rent guarantee work?


  1. 1. Invite Tenants to Apply Online

    • Invite tenants to apply online or send us their information

  2. 2. We Screen your tenants

    • We help you vet your tenants and choose the best applicant

    • We pull credit reports, call  references and verify employment & income informatio

  3. 3. We Collect your rent

    • Rent is collected via Pre-Authorized Debit, deposited directly to the landlord’s account.

    • Faster and safer than cheques or Interac eTransfers. No more late payments.

  4. 4. We Guarantee your rent – up to $60,000

    • Landlords get paid even when tenants miss their rent payments

    • We continue paying rent until tenant is removed, for up to 12 months or $60,000

  5. 5. We Protect your property – up to $10,000

    • Delinquent tenants are more likely to leave property damage behind

    • We cover up to $10,000 of property damage from tenant vandalism

  6. 6. We Handle evictions

    • If we can’t collect, our paralegal team will resolve the situation through mediation or eviction if necessary. Paralegal fees and court fees are included


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As a Realtor I'm a huge fan of the Rental Platform. From posting listings, to tenant applications and auto-filling leases - saves me a lot of time

Sanak,Realtor Century 21

I often use SingleKey for doing Tenant Background Checks. They are located in Canada, so I can call and get answers right away. The report is well laid out and has all the info I need.


I am a landlord renting 3 properties and I signed up for the Rent Guarantee program. I was tired of chasing tenants for rent and now thanks to SingleKey, I don’t have those headaches.


I have been using SingleKey for my 3 rentals since 2017. The Tenant Background Checks are very thorough and quick. They have a lot of experience and knowledge of the rental space in Ontario.