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Podcast: SingleKey’s Founder & CEO on Reducing Investment Risks and More

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On a recent podcast episode of Sync or Swim, Nicolina Savelli of Rentsync spoke to SingleKey’s Founder and CEO, Viler Lika, about how the brand started, where it’s going, and what the current rental market looks like.

Published on Dec 22, 2021 | Updated on May 10, 2023

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In discussing the pain points that SingleKey targets, Mr. Lika touches on the risks behind the residential leasing process, and how landlords and property managers can better handle the varying risks involved.

He stresses that, in selecting tenants, landlords can do their part to reduce risk upfront by leveraging SingleKey’s thorough tenant reports, customizable questionnaires to potential tenants, and auto reference checks.

On top of helping landlords choose the right tenants for their properties, Mr. Lika finds that, especially in this COVID climate where landlords experience higher vacancies, lower rent, and stressful evictions, SingleKey’s Rent Guarantee can significantly help cover mortgage(s) when they’re faced with delinquent tenants.

Since its foundation in 2017, SingleKey has been a great help to smaller landlords who don’t have access to big budgets and help. But, as Mr. Lika explains in the podcast, SingleKey’s innovative features also provide enterprise solutions for landlords with more properties to manage.

The episode also touches on SingleKey’s many positive customer reviews, with Mr. Lika expanding on SingleKey’s priority to support customers every step of the way with caring team members, a live online chat, plus a 1-800 number if customers ever run into any issues.

Going into 2022, SingleKey recently launched the first free rent collection service for Canadian landlords, a win-win service that automates monthly rent payments while helping tenants improve their credit scores, giving them incentive to pay their rent on time.

Check out the podcast for more details on current rental market trends and how landlords can cope with delinquencies and evictions, even in a time of uncertainty.


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