Rent Guarantee: Bonded up to $5,000,000


SingleKey Rent Guarantee

The #1 concern landlords have, is getting their rent payment on time and protecting their property.

Screening Tenants

Screening Tenants

  • – Full Equifax Credit Report
  • – Background Check
  • – Social Media Scan
  • – Employment Verification
  • – Income Verification
Rent Payments & Guarantee

Rent Payments & Guarantee

  • – Rent Guarantee program protects landlords from delinquent tenants
  • – We pay the landlord, even if the tenant does not
  • – Rent is collected and deposited directly to your bank account
Deliquency Management

Deliquency Management

  • – Our paralegal team will resolve the situation through mediation or eviction if necessary
  • – Paralegal costs are included in the Rent Guarantee

Rent Guarantee Includes:

  • Guaranteed Rent payments, even if tenants don’t pay
  • Damage Protection up $10,000, in case of vandalism
  • Removal of delinquent tenant, we pay the legal fees
  • Monthly Rent Collection included
  • Cost: 4.99% of Rent
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Why trust us?

Security: Best-in-class AES-256 encryption

Bonded: Insured up to $5,000,000

Privacy Policy: Customer data is strictly protected

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Rental Platform for Realtors

End-to-End Rental Platform makes renting fast and easy for Realtors.

Import & Share Postings

Import & Share Postings

  • – Integrates with MLS to import listings
  • – Share MLS listing directly to your favorite rental website
  • – Export listings to Kijiji, Craigslist, Padmapper
Online Tenant Application

Online Tenant Application

  • – Invite tenants to apply online

  • – All tenant applications in one place, including credit reports, IDs, and references

  • – Export to Form 410 automatically
Auto Fill Complete Form

Auto Fill Complete Form

  • Automatically fill and export:
  • – Standard Lease Agreement
  • – Form 400, 410, 320, 346
  • – Less time filling forms, more time helping clients!

Time Saving Features Include:

  • Post MLS listings directly to Kijiji, Craigslist & Padmapper
  • Online Tenant Application
  • Tenant Screening including Equifax Report
  • Auto-fill Lease agreement and OREA Forms!

Cost: FREE for Realtors – limited time!

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Tenant Credit & Background Check

  • Equifax credit report
  • Social media scan
  • Tenant background check
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As a Realtor I'm a huge fan of the Rental Platform. From posting listings, to tenant applications and auto-filling leases - saves me a lot of time

Sanak,Realtor Century 21

I often use SingleKey for doing Tenant Background Checks. They are located in Canada, so I can call and get answers right away. The report is well laid out and has all the info I need.


I am a landlord renting 3 properties and I signed up for the Rent Guarantee program. I was tired of chasing tenants for rent and now thanks to SingleKey, I don’t have those headaches.


I have been using SingleKey for my 3 rentals since 2017. The Tenant Background Checks are very thorough and quick. They have a lot of experience and knowledge of the rental space in Ontario.