Per report | Result within 24 hours
Can be paid by landlord or tenant

  • Credit check
  • Full credit report (Equifax)
  • Background check

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How does it work?

As a prospective tenant, provide a VALIDATED report to landlord(s)

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    Step 1

    Hit Get Started and provide your info to pull the credit report

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    Step 2

    Enter your landlord's contact info

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    Step 3

    We send your landlord a validated credit report directly from SingleKey.

Are you a landlord? Click Here

Why do landlords prefer the SingleKey Report?

Stand out, provide your credit report & background check proactively and be twice as likely to be offered the rental.

Credit Report (Equifax)

Get a full credit report from Equifax, favoured by landlords. This includes the credit score and a full credit report - one of the best indicators of tenant's financial status and payment behaviour.

Trusted & Validated

Many landlords are worried when getting a paper or PDF report from tenants as they are easy to modify. Send your landlord a Validated Credit Report directly from SingleKey and eliminate concerns.

Same day Credit Reports!

Unlike the free report from the credit bureau that takes 2+ weeks to arrive, you can get our reports on the same day, with need to subscribe and no monthly fees! Only a one-time fee applies.


  • "It only takes a second to order a credit report and I got it back on the same day. They were very responsive and answered all of my questions right away. Great service!"
    June, Ottawa ON
  • "Unlike Equifax there are no subscription and monthly fees, you only pay once and get your report. Happy with the results - the report looks great"
    James, Victoria BC
  • "My landlord did not accept my printed report and asked me to use SingleKey so that they get a report directly from the source. Apparently some people change the score on their report."
    Tony, Montreal QC

More Info

Where is Singlekey located?
Toronto, Ontario

Is there a subscription fee?
No, it is a one-time fee per tenant check with no commitments

What info do you need to provide?
Name, Address, Date of Birth, and SIN or Driver's License, as well as consent to pull a credit report

Will this affect my credit score?
No, this is a soft check and does not affect credit score

Is my data secure?
Protecting your information is our priority. All data is securely stored and encrypted. For more details see our Privacy Policy.

Contact Info

Email: [email protected]
Chat: Click on the chat icon on the bottom right of the page