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Lease Agreements for Canadian Landlords

SingleKey has assembled a collection of free Lease Agreement Forms for each province, all in one place, to help landlords across Canada. Just print, sign, and rest assured that you will have a legally valid rental agreement in place with your new tenant. 

free residential tenancy agreement forms templates standard lease canada

Guide to Rental Agreements across Canada

We know that drafting a solid residential tenancy agreement can be confusing – especially if you’ve never done it before. So if you’re wondering “how do I set up a rental agreement?”, we are here to help!

Many provinces like BC and Ontario have Standard Lease Agreements provided by the province that we have included below. Other provinces, like Alberta do not, but not to worry – we have included our lease templates for those provinces as well.



Lease Agreement Forms

British Columbia Free Residential Tenancy Agreement Form Template


Newfoundland and Labrador Free Residential Tenancy Agreement Form Template


Northwest Territories Free Residential Tenancy Agreement Form Template


Nova Scotia Free Residential Tenancy Agreement Form Template


New Brunswick Free Residential Tenancy Agreement Form Template


Prince Edward Island Free Residential Tenancy Agreement Form Template


Saskatchewan Free Residential Tenancy Agreement Form Template


What’s in the Lease Agreement Form?

free residental tenancy agreement form templates for landlords canada


    • A free lease agreement template between a landlord and a tenant
    • Editable sections for landlord, tenant and property information
    • Sections for rent details, security deposits, late charges, occupants and more
    • Terms for lease length, services & utilities and maintenance
    • Created the provinces, and by legal professionals

Additional Terms to add to Standard Lease

Since many provinces force landlords to use their standard lease agreements, they also allow you to add additional terms for added protection and to customize your lease to suit the purpose of your property. For example, the Ontario Residential Tenant Agreements allows for Additional Terms to be added under Section 15. Note that its very important that the additional terms added DO NOT CONFLICT with the terms in the standard lease.

Below is a list of suggested additional terms that landlords can add to their lease while staying compliant with the Standard Lease term for most provinces.* Feel free to pick and choose these clauses if they apply to you and your property:

Permissible Use – These premises are intended for residential purposes only and the Tenants cannot run a home business from the premise that may cause increased traffic and increased liability exposure to the Landlord.

Appliances – Landlord represents and warrants that the appliances as listed in this lease will be in good working order at the commencement of the lease term. Tenant agrees to maintain said appliances and furnishings in a state of ordinary cleanliness at the Tenant’s cost.

Smoking – Smoking of cigarettes and cannabis is prohibited indoors. Use of drugs is illegal and strictly prohibited within property limits. This applies to the Tenants and their guests.

Noise – Tenants are required to abide by municipal bylaws of noise and disturbance regulations. The Tenants agree to not playing loud music or hosting loud parties past 11:00pm. In the event of continuous noise complaints by nearby residents, the Landlord may have grounds for legal action against the Tenants.

Subletting – The Tenants may assign or sublet the rental unit to another person only with the consent of the Landlord. The number of occupants in the premises must comply with local bylaw occupancy standards.

Short-term rentals – Tenants are restricted from listing the property or parts of the property for short-term rental (like AirBnB) without the expressed consent of the Landlord. 

Property damage – Tenants are responsible for any damage to the rental property caused by the Tenants, the Tenant’s guests or another person who lives in the rental unit. This applies to any damage caused on purpose or due to negligence. The Tenants have to notify the Landlord and request permission when planning to make major modifications to the unit, such as adding built-in bookshelves or painting.

Maintenance – The Tenants agree to a $100 discount from the Landlord to their monthly rent from $_____ per month to $_____ per month in exchange for regular shoveling of snow from walkways within property limits as well as regular mowing of the lawn, done at a minimum once a month. If this maintenance is not performed by the Tenant, the Landlord has the right to charge $_____ monthly rent and to hire a property maintenance company.

Absence – In the event of extended absence of 30 days or more, the Tenants have to notify and give the Landlord the right to enter the rental unit during the absence to maintain the property as necessary and to inspect for damage and needed repairs.

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Why do Landlords Need a Residential Tenancy Agreement Form?


If the province offers a Residential Tenant Agreement form, the landlord is required to use that form, and not their own. In some provinces, the tenant has the right to withhold one month’s rent if the landlord does not provide them with a copy of the standard lease.

It doesn’t matter if you’re leasing an apartment yearly or simply renting out a unit each month, you need to use a residential tenancy agreement to specify what’s expected of you as a landlord as well as your tenants. A properly structured residential tenancy agreement reduces issues with your tenant and protects you in court if issues arise. 

If you’re looking for additional protection, our Rent Guarantee program guarantees your rental income, protects you from property damage, and covers all legal costs you may incur.

Residnetial tenancy agreement free standard lease forms canada

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