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questions to ask rent applicants

When interviewing rental applicants, you need to cover all your bases. Here are the top 7 topics you can't forget to cover.

Rental Report July 2021

SingleKey July 2021 Rental Report For the month of July, 2021, the average cost to rent Canadian properties was $1,720 per month

legal basement apartment requirements

Interested in renting your basement out to a tenant? Learn more about the legal requirements of basement apartment rentals in Canada.

Want to know the best tenant screening tools in Canada. We compare the top three apps in this head-to-head to help you find a winner.

Looking for a tenant screening tool to help you manage your rental property? We look at the top 3 products in Canada to help you decide.

Rental Report June 2021

SingleKey June 2021 Rental Report For the month of June, 2021, the average cost to rent Canadian properties was $1,667 per month

Rental Report May 2021

SingleKey May 2021 Rental Report For the month of May 2021, the average residential rental rate in Canada was $1,615 per month,


One of the key skills every landlord should know is noticing warning signals that could lead to troubles down the road. Let's find out what those red flags are and how to spot them!


Choosing whether to rent out your property for a few months at a time or a few years can make a big difference. Join us as we help landlords decide which is best for their property.

how to read a credit report for landlords

Learn how you can use SingleKey's credit and background check to learn more about your applicants and choose the right tenant.


Get tenant tips from some of the leading landlord and real estate experts in Canada. SingleKey's founder talks about how to find better tenants and walks you through how to read a background check.

New ontario lease agreement templates

The New Ontario Standard Lease Agreement – 5 Things Every Landlord Should Know Since April 2018, a standard lease agreement template was


Nowadays, most tenants are looking online for rental options. It’s fast, easy to compare listings, and, in light of the current pandemic,

cost of evictions in Canada

Delinquent tenants are arguably the biggest risk a landlord faces when they decide to invest in rental property. While landlords try their

consulting with singlekey

In 2020, Queen's University MBA students worked with Singlekey to help launch their flagship products in the US market. Read more to find out what they learned along the way.

landlord tips for rental tenant screening and finding good tenants

Finding good tenants could really save you a lot of headaches. Paid rent, no damage, complaints and  even more time for family

“It’s none of your business what my credit score is!!” How’s that for a start? Tenants that are soon to live in

Bill 184 – How it affects landlords in Ontario?

Over the past few weeks, hundreds have taken to the streets of Toronto to protest against a new piece of provincial legislation,

Keys in hand in black glove. Use alcohol spray to corona virus and kill germs at the key of the house or office regularly. Covid-19 ncov or coronavirus quarantine concept.

In Canada, several individuals and businesses are reeling from the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. In a recent poll, a jaw-dropping 44%

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