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Welcome to the Single-Key Blog! We look forward to providing you with educational and entertaining reading experiences on a regular basis. Be sure to keep checking out our blog section as we will endeavour to give you timely updates about the world of landlords and tenants.

Singlekey tenant landlord relationship

To be a bit more specific, our blog will provide landlords with ample information that will help for their jobs to be a lot easier. Suggestions about how to develop and maintain strong relationships with your tenants and solutions for receiving rent money on time will be abound in our blog.

However, this blog is for renters too! For great tips and advice about such topics as how to locate the perfect rental property or how to manage monthly rent payments, be sure to make this blog one of your favourite go-to places on the internet!

So, What Exactly Does Single-Key Do For Landlords?

We offer a unique service that guarantees that you will be paid your rent money on time each and every month. At Single-Key, we understand that the entire rent collection process can be a gruelling one. We’re sure that you’re quite used to hearing a wide range of reasons, from your tenants, as to why they may not have their rent payments by their due dates. Our services remove that headache from your life for good!

Attain the peace of mind you’re looking for by enlisting our services. For a monthly fee, we not only ensure that you receive timely payments from each of your tenants but we also professionally manage eviction situations. You’re likely to agree that the only thing more frustrating than having to hunt down tenants for rent money is having to serve them with eviction notices. When you register with Single-Key, evictions become our responsibility.

What Does Single-Key Do For Tenants?

If you’re a renter, don’t assume that we’re out to get you. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. We’re here to help you! As much as we understand how frustrating it can be for landlords to have to hunt down their rent money, we know that, for you, securing rent money can sometimes be difficult.

Tough times are bound to pop up. People from all walks of life experience hardships such as job losses, unexpected car repairs, injuries that prevent the ability to go to work, deaths in the family and so on. Not only will there be times when money needs to be spent elsewhere or is simply hard to come by, but you’ll also experience moments when paying the rent just simply isn’t your top priority.

At Single-Key, we take the stress out of the entire “paying the rent on time” dilemma. If your landlord is a Single-Key customer, we offer you payment flexibility. That means that you will have some leeway with your rent due dates. If necessary, our services will enable you to postpone your rent for up to a month. In addition, you will be given the option of paying your rent with either cheque or Interac.

And here’s the best part – it costs you nothing! Monthly fees are paid for by landlords. For more information about how Single-Key is the key for landlords and their tenants to live stress-free, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-877-978-1404 or email us at

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