Want to Learn How to Choose Better Tenants? Watch SingleKey’s Viler Lika Explain How with REIN


Want tenant tips from some of Canada’s leading landlord and real estate experts? This past February, the Real Estate Investment Network’s (REIN) JG Francoeur and Patrick Francy sat down with our founder Viler Lika to talk about how SingleKey helps small everyday Canadian landlords better manage their rental properties by choosing the right tenants in order to reduce delinquency risk right at the start.

In the interview, we dive into the real costs of evicting tenants, and how SingleKey can really help landlords across Canada deal with one of the most stressful and costly experiences of their landlord journey. Francoeur and Francy bring up some good points as well. They ask how SingleKey determines the worthiness of a prospective tenant and why we never decline tenants based on credit score alone.

Some of the questions we answer in the interview are:

  1. What sort of expenses does home insurance not cover?

  1. How can SingleKey’s Rent Guarantee help you cover eviction expenses?

  1. Are the best tenants always the ones with the best credit scores?

  1. How detailed should you be with a tenant’s references?

The video also includes a detailed rundown of SingleKey Tenant Credit Check and Background Check. Viler explains how landlords can use the information they find here to find the best tenants and to support the gut feeling they may have about a prospective tenant. The tenant screening report goes far beyond a simple credit report. If you’ve been interested in seeing our comprehensive tenant credit and background check in action, this is a great time to see it explained in detail.

You can watch the entire video on Facebook Live below.

REIN is a news and resource company that helps thousands of Canadians protect their investments and better prepares them for navigating the challenges of managing a rental property. They offer Canadians unbiased real estate education and advice through webinars, a membership program, and a free weekly podcast called “The Everday Millionaire.” REIN has been featured on CNN, The Globe and Mail, and CTV Canada.

SingleKey collaborates with Queens MBAs to Launch in the US

consulting with singlekey
consulting with singlekey

As students of the Smith School of Business Accelerated MBA program at Queens University, we were tasked with finding an interesting growing organization that we could engage with on a consulting project to help us apply what we were learning in our program. 

 Aptly named Toronto A, our consulting team of 8 motivated professionals were eager to bring our A-game, academic tools, management skills and prior work experience to help an organization solve challenging and equally intriguing strategic issues.  The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us that being prepared for the unexpected is critical, which is why deciding to work with our new client SingleKey was easy. They are an organization that helps residential landlords secure that much needed peace of mind.

Queens University & Singlekey Help Canadian Landlords

In the Spring we quickly realized that our consulting engagement will have to be virtual, but luckily with the aid of technology and the effortless diplomacy of SingleKey staff, led by Viler Lika, we quickly pivoted to videoconferencing. 

What struck us immediately when working with the SingleKey team is the deep commitment and passion they have for helping landlords feel secure when making tenant decisions.  After gaining an in-depth understanding of the organization, its people, and their strategic plans of moving across the border, we defined our new client’s requirements and scope of our consultancy.

Together we navigated the compliance hurdles that exist when operating in the US and leveraged our MBA education to navigate this powerful learning experience. We all brought unique talents and perspectives to market research and strategy and were given hands-on opportunities to practice our teamwork and leadership skills. 

Some of our work included industry and competitive analysis for the US expansion, search engine optimization, employee sales training and user experience management for their website to make sure it is secure and simple. SingleKey gave us a lot of feedback on our recommendations and incorporated them into their tactics for enhancing the experience that landlords have with processing credit and background checks.  

The next part of our project involved assessing referral program partners. SingleKey gave us a list of providers they were considering for a referral program as well as a set of criteria that was important to them in selecting a provider. The Toronto A team was to conduct more research on each one, complete demos for each company and present a top three to the SingleKey team.

Obtaining the key criteria was helpful in researching potential partners as it allowed us to have a better understanding of what SingleKey was looking for and allow a better assessment of providers through the lens of the SingleKey team. After narrowing down the list to a top three, we presented our findings and collectively decided that the best course of action would be for SingleKey to complete a demo with each of the providers to determine the best fit.

This part of the project made us feel like we were really making an impact by assessing referral partners and determining referral strategies that will help SingleKey reach more landlords across Canada and the US! From the start of our engagement (in May 2020) to the end (in October 2020), SingleKey sales grew over 300%, in part due to the successful US launch. 

Singlekey Helps Landlords Find the Best Tenants in Canada and the USA

As for Toronto A, we couldn’t have asked for a more positive experience consulting SingleKey as we gained firsthand insight into entrepreneurship and a growing business.

Viler let us drive ideas and make decisions while empowering us to steer direction when appropriate.  Each and every one of us are inspired to take on the challenges of more senior management positions in our own careers.  While some of us already have experience selecting tenants, and others are still working towards becoming landlords ourselves, all 8 of us now know where to go for support and advice to make sure we make the best decision.

We are confident that we will hear great things about SingleKey for years to come and are happy to have provided value to such an exciting company.

Offering You The Key To Living Stress-Free!

Singlekey tenant landlord relationship
Singkey is here to help with landlord's biggest challenges - finding a right tenant and managing risks.

Welcome to the Single-Key Blog! We look forward to providing you with educational and entertaining reading experiences on a regular basis. Be sure to keep checking out our blog section as we will endeavour to give you timely updates about the world of landlords and tenants.

To be a bit more specific, our blog will provide landlords with ample information that will help for their jobs to be a lot easier. Suggestions about how to develop and maintain strong relationships with your tenants and solutions for receiving rent money on time will be abound in our blog.

However, this blog is for renters too! For great tips and advice about such topics as how to locate the perfect rental property or how to manage monthly rent payments, be sure to make this blog one of your favourite go-to places on the internet!

So, what exactly does Single-Key do for landlords?

We offer a unique service that guarantees that you will be paid your rent money on time each and every month. At Single-Key, we understand that the entire rent collection process can be a gruelling one. We’re sure that you’re quite used to hearing a wide range of reasons, from your tenants, as to why they may not have their rent payments by their due dates. Our services remove that headache from your life for good!

Attain the peace of mind you’re looking for by enlisting our services. For a monthly fee, we not only ensure that you receive timely payments from each of your tenants but we also professionally manage eviction situations. You’re likely to agree that the only thing more frustrating than having to hunt down tenants for rent money is having to serve them with eviction notices. When you register with Single-Key, evictions become our responsibility.

What does Single-Key do for tenants?

If you’re a renter, don’t assume that we’re out to get you. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. We’re here to help you! As much as we understand how frustrating it can be for landlords to have to hunt down their rent money, we know that, for you, securing rent money can sometimes be difficult.

Tough times are bound to pop up. People from all walks of life experience hardships such as job losses, unexpected car repairs, injuries that prevent the ability to go to work, deaths in the family and so on. Not only will there be times when money needs to be spent elsewhere or is simply hard to come by, but you’ll also experience moments when paying the rent just simply isn’t your top priority.

At Single-Key, we take the stress out of the entire “paying the rent on time” dilemma. If your landlord is a Single-Key customer, we offer you payment flexibility. That means that you will have some leeway with your rent due dates. If necessary, our services will enable you to postpone your rent for up to a month. In addition, you will be given the option of paying your rent with either cheque or Interac.

And here’s the best part – it costs you nothing! Monthly fees are paid for by landlords. For more information about how Single-Key is the key for landlords and their tenants to live stress-free, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-877-978-1404 or email us at info@singlekey.com.